Building Dwelling Thinking


the real plight of dwelling does not lie merely in a lack of houses.

Building Dwelling Thinking, in Poetry, Language, Thought.
Martin Heidegger.´Translation and introduction by Albert Hofstadter.Harper & Row, NY. Colophon edition, 1975.

The work I installed for the exhibition Building Dwelling Thinking (2011“2012) engaged in one way or another with the concept of the unheimlich, manifesting in various objects and texts that spoke to and of issues of domesticity and transience”guests arriving at the space, an art hotel (smart loft apartments and art, Berlin, Germany)”dwelledf or a time in a space they temporarily experienced as home.  I disturbed one of the rooms in this space, haunting it, installing that which was familiar and expected, yet not, an interpretation of the uncanny.

A few of the questions that the work posed: Are we more or less receptive to the return of the repressed when we are living outside that time and place we consider home? What happens when we encounter the unexpected, that which appears where (ostensibly) it ought not to be?  How is the experience of home, of dwelling, affected by such encounters?