kalte Fuesse 2013

Kalte Fuesse. Kindheit im Kaltem Krieg
Galerie Atelier Soldina
Berlin, 2013

Paula Ross kalte Fuesse Invitation

Second in a series of exhibitions concerning the cold war between “the West” and “the East.”  This second exhibition comprised six artists: Maria Es, Eugenia Gortchakova, Christine Hauser, Elena Ilina, Rachel Kohn, and Paula Ross. In Kalte Fuesse, Ross focused her conribution, domus, on elements of domestic space and interior dialogue that took place during the cold war period. Elena Ilina and Paula Ross collaborated on the inaugural exhibition,  conversations from a cold war, shown at Atelier Soldina, Berlin, in October, 2012. The catalogue for conversations from a cold war can be found at http://www.so-viele.de/hefte/heft18.html and Kalte Fuesse. Kindheit im Kaltem Krieg at http://www.so-viele.de/hefte/heft25.html.  The catalogue for the third exhibition in this series can be found at http://www.so-viele.de/hefte/heft31.html/


it wasn’t until years later that she realized that she had grown up in a house filled with furniture and objects that were of an identifiably scandinavian style. what she remembered was that friends and family considered her parents’ tastes odd.  in case of enemy attack, they were to tune into the emergency broadcast system.